Membership Services


Membership supports the HCMA and ensures that we are here for you, your families, and the next person that learns that they too have HCM and are simply not sure where to turn. The HCMA supports an internal staff to help us serve our membership with proper governance, administrative support, as well as knowledgeable patient advocacy support.  Our members are the reason we exist, and we do everything possible to support them through diagnosis, management issues, appeals, transplant, family screenings, school/work planning, and, sadly, the grieving process. It is only through the support of those we serve that the HCMA has been able to serve the HCM community for 20 years. Please become a member today.

Call In Services:

The HCMA offers complimentary service to the public as noted below. To ensure we are here when you and your HCM friends and family are in need of information, support, or advocacy, we encourage you to support the HCMA by becoming an annual member or making an annual donation.

Intake Call: The HCMA staff will take general information that will assist us in answering your questions and concerns about HCM. Following this call, you will be offered two options.

  1. A 15-minute complimentary phone call with HCMA Founder and CEO, Lisa Salberg. This call will address your core concerns as well as identify pathways for additional services and care.  Assistance in selecting a Center of Excellence will be provided.  In order to make the most of this call, we recommend you send us a copy of your most recent echo report in advance. You may fax it to our office at 973-983-7870 or email  Please be sure to include your name. All data is maintained in a confidential manner and not shared with outside parties at any time without expressed consent and permission of the individual or their parent. 
  2.  45 minute comprehensive review:  A paid membership to the HCMA will allow you the opportunity to have a more comprehensive 45-minute conversation with HCMA Founder and CEO, Lisa Salberg, including reviewing any reports you have shared with us, treatment options available, genetics, information about screening other family members, preparation for upcoming procedures, and any other issues that may come up.  We encourage you to conference in family or loved ones to ensure they have ample information to assist you in your journey with HCM. Follow up calls as needed throughout the year.

Using the button to the left you can choose the membership option that works best for you: 1-Year, 3-Year or Lifetime. 

In a recent HCMA survey, 100% of the participants agreed that the value of this conversation is equal to or greater than the value of a typical insurance co-pay for a physician’s visit, and that most received more information in one phone call than in years of HCM care at community cardiology practices. 

Other HCMA Membership Benefits:

Appeal letter assistance Program:

In the event your insurance plan has declined or paid at a rate you believe less than the policy indicates, the HCMA will review the case and write a comprehensive appeal letter. Letters can take up to two weeks to research and produce.  Contact the office for more information.

Discount meeting fees: Members are given preferential pricing for all events.

Premier access to website content:  Starting in 2016, there will be member-only access to web content.

Webinar access: New Web series of interactive meetings covering a wide variety of topics of interest to the HCM community.

All members recieve a copy of HCM for Patients, Their Families and Interested Physicians By B. Maron and L. Salberg (valued at $38.95)