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We have taken some time this week to tell you about this new trial. To Learn more about this study visit this link
While not every trial is right for every patient... every patient interested in more treatment options should take the time to investigate trials that may help them... their families... and the entire HCM Community. Take a moment to see if YOU can help answer some very important questions! Thanks!
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I'm almost 2 years post myectomy & ICD but chest pains upon exertion have returned. My cardiologist says not to be concerned since a heart cath showed my arteries are clear and the ICD will protect me. My question is at what point should I be concerned? If the chest pain doesn't subside when I rest? Would I have other symptoms if I was having a heart attack? ... See MoreSee Less

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Is anyone aware of a cardiologist in Northern California with specific expertise in HCM? ... See MoreSee Less

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This Community is approaching a milestone! We are a few "Likes" away from 8,000! Share this and ask your friends and family to LIKE the HCMA and help us raise awareness about HCM! Thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

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HCMA and Gilead want you to learn about HCM and share this information to help us save and improve lives!
Did you know there are very few treatments for HCM. Gilead is about to launch a new study with a goal to find a new treatment for HCM. to learn more about it. visit
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Do you have any info graphics on children/teens and HCM? I would LOVE something that I could share on my profile :) ... See MoreSee Less

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HCMA and Gilead what you to learn about HCM.
Did you know the symptoms of HCM can often be mistaken for other conditions and causes? While HCM is genetic we have only identified genetic mutation in about half of those impacted.
A great resource for info on hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (#HCM) is @4hcm. Visit their website: #heartmonth
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HCMA Community

As a patient with HCM I want to be supportive. I don't find myself happy that I choose to identify this issue, sorry for my mistake.

I'll be at Cleveland Clinic next week for more testing and myectomy. I just received a phone call from someone at CC that asked if I'd be willing to...

Was really happy to see my HCM physician Dr. Srihari S. Naidu and Winthrop University Hospital in Mineola, NY back as a Center of Excellence....

I am headed to Mayo on April 27th. This will be an annual visit with Dr Ommen. Dennis

My wife and I will be heading to Minneapolis for a day full of appointments this Friday Feb. 27th (EKG, Echo, Stress Echo, & Cardiac MRI) followed by...

Hi Folks, It seems like it's been ages since I've posted anything here and when I've visited It's been hard to respond to many threads here on the...

I'm looking forward to feeling better after my surgery on March 5 at Cleveland Clinic. Another forum member contacted me that's also having surgery...

Routine ICD Eval? - Insurance Recently I visited a hospital in PA to get an uation. They checked my ICD. A month later I received a bill for...

This doesn't relate directly to an HCM related issue, but given my bet that most of us have other things going on that require prescriptions for...

I read in a recent echo report that my left atrium was severely enlarged. I was diagnosed in 2005, myectomy & maze in 2007, several bouts with v-tach...

Hello , can this be caused by injury or anything other than heredity ? Thanks - Tom

It has been two months since my surgery. My chest is fine, but my back is killing me. Can I see a chiropractor? I don't want to take narcotic pain...

Somehow, in all the showering of candy, gifts and love, I forgot a very important day. Valentines is my bionic anniversary! An emotional day for...

I have been "connecting the dots" with some different issues, and I wonder if anyone has had similar issues. I've had 2 or 3 occurances in my life...