Membership Scholarship

The Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Association believes that all patients with HCM should have access to the support, advocacy and education we provide, that is why we offer free phone support to all.  However, this free support is limited due to time and resources.  More comprehensive services are available to paid members. That is why we’ve created a scholarship program to make it possible for more patients with HCM to receive memberships regardless of their financial circumstances.  We are an organization open to all people affected by HCM.  If you cannot afford the full cost of an HCMA membership you can apply for financial assistance to cover all or part of your membership fee.  Through the generous donations of individuals and businesses we are able to provide scholarship assistance to make that possible.  Membership scholarships are provided within the limits of available funding.

Eligibility Requirements
Since a limited amount of funds are available, priority will be given to those participants with the greatest need.  The program is designed to aid those in a “crisis” or “high risk” situation.  Examples of such situations include:     unemployment, no medical insurance, limited income, multiple family members diagnosed 
How to Apply
Applicants must complete the application in full – applications will be scored and awarded as resources are available with priority given based on scoring.

Membership includes the opportunity to have a more comprehensive 45-minute conversation with HCMA Founder and CEO, Lisa Salberg, including reviewing any reports you have shared with us, treatment options available, genetics, information about screening other family members, preparation for upcoming procedures, navigating medical insurance and any other issues that may come up.  We encourage you to conference in family or loved ones to ensure they have ample information to assist you in your journey with HCM. Follow up calls as needed throughout the year.

You also receive a membership kit which will include a folder to keep your HCM medical records, HCMA fact sheets, HCM visit checklist card, discount registration fees to HCMA events, and a copy of A Guide to HCM for Patients, Their Families and Interested Physicians by Maron/Salberg 3rd Edition. 
To fill out the application, please download this form, fill it out, resave it/print as a .pdf and send it back to