How do I Make an Appointment with a Center of Excellence?

It is important to note that making an appointment with the affiliated medical center is not the same thing as making an appointment with the HCMA Recognized Center of Excellence.  So, how can you make sure you’re being seen by the recognized HCM program and not just a doctor from the same hospital?

All current HCMA Recognized Center of Excellence Programs can be found on the HCMA’s website,  The first page of the website has a search bar on the right hand side (circled here in green).  There are three ways to search:

  1. Use the drop down menu to enter your state.  This will show you all HCMA Recognized Centers of Excellence in your state.  It will, however, exclude centers that may by near you, but in other states.
  2. Use the advanced search option (located under the search button) to use other search criteria.
  3. Click search without entering a state, which will pull up the entire directory without any exclusions.  The list will appear in alphabetical order.  

 The search results show will give you basic information about each center:
In each directory entry you will see:
  1. The center name
  2. The address/location of the HCM Program
  3. The phone number of the HCM Program
  4. A list of team members affiliated with the HCM Program (when available)
Under the Center’s logo, there are some buttons that allow you to access a little bit more information about the center:
  • The “Map” button shows you a map of the centers location. 
  • The “Visit Our Website” button will take you to the HCM Program’s webpage (if they have one)
  • The “Contact Us” button will send an email to a member of the HCM team 
PLEASE NOTE: The “Contact Us” button is NOT the way to make an appointment.  Please use the phone number that is listed.  The person who receives this email can answer some basic questions, but is most likely NOT the appointment setter.  Contacting this person will not get you an appointment any faster, and may have a delayed response time.  If you have difficulty making an appointment with any center, please contact the HCMA.

The best way to ensure that you are contacting the appropriate department of a center for your HCM appointment is to refer to the HCMA’s directory or to visit the HCM Program’s website directly for their appointment setting phone number.  For more information about Centers of Excellence near you, please call the HCMA at 973-983-7429.