Share your Story: John Martin Huggins

This HCM story comes from rural South Carolina, where 34 year old John Martin Huggins works as school teacher. Having Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) when living in a rural area can be challenging. John’s cardiologist is a two hour drive away.

John’s father has been diagnosed with HCM for over 30 years.Around age 12, when he first got screened, John suffered from bouts of lightheadedness but this had not been attributed directly to his HCM. Other than the dizziness John had not suffered any major symptoms, prior to doctors hearing a murmur at age 17.  On his 18th birthday John was diagnosed with HCM. John’s then had an Internal Defibrillator Device (ICD) implanted.

John has seen an impact in his everyday life when it comes to doing things around the classroom or taking the stairs, but he has also learned alot from having HCM like, “You have to advocate for yourself!” From this share your HCM story we can learn that things can be difficult when you are not in close proximity to the care you need, but this does not have to limit your life with HCM, nor should it discourage you from seeking out the medical care you need. John now plans a trip to a center of excellence, stay tuned to see how his experience with HCM changes, and expect a follow up to John’s story.