Admera Health is an advanced molecular diagnostics company focused on personalized medicine and digital health. Admera Health offers CardioGxOneTM, a comprehensive NGS (next generation sequencing) based molecular test for inherited cardiovascular diseases. Co-developed by Admera Health and Health In Code, CardioGxOneTM examines 213 genes for more than 30 categories of cardiovascular diseases, including Cardiomyopathies, Arrhythmias, Congenital Heart Diseases and Marfan Syndrome. With 98,000 individual/38,197 family genetic histories and 75,000 exonic and splicing genetic variants with clinical annotations, CardioGxOneTM offers the biggest proprietary clinical knowledgebase for data interpretation. More than 11,000 tests have been performed with fast TAT of three weeks on average and reports prepared by a team of experts including cardiologists and geneticists specialized in cardiovascular diseases.
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