Outreach and Tools

HCM is a poorly understood condition in the public.  HCM most commonly hits the headlines when a noted athlete, local or national, suffers a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), lending to the MYTH that HCM is a problem of athletes and the second MYTH that sudden death is common in HCM.

The HCMA has created a number of tools, programs and educational promotions to help raise awareness, combat SCA, promote timely diagnosis and improve the lives of those with HCM, and other disorders that can cause SCA.

Professional/Medical Community Education:

Get the Word Out!  Learn more how YOUR community can become educated and ready to identify and help you manage YOUR HCM. 

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Programs:

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Risk Assessment Questionnaire – ONLINE VERSION

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Risk Assessment Questionnaire – PDF

 AED – Awareness and Education:

Teaching people how to save a life is simple with this educational poster by the HCMA

Learn the ABC’s of an AED and pass it on to others.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Drills:

Learn step by step how to prepare your school, team, work place, or house of worship for SCA

Supporting HCM families and the HCMA:

Encourage friends, family, employers and community groups to join in the fight to raise awareness, support and funding. Pass on the YOU CAN HELP link!