HCM Journal Publications

Most patients are not aware of the amount of HCM research that has been ongoing for over 50 years. This page will direct you to a large amount of HCM data, which for most is information overload.  This page is designed for those who are comfortable with peer reviewed medical literature.   If you are not familiar with this type of literature, there is patient friendly data elsewhere on the site.
This area of the site is set up with two options.   Below you will find pre-populated searches on PubMed.   To the left you will find articles the HCMA has organized in classifications that will be more user friendly to those not familiar with PubMed.  The pages to the left do not include all 17,000 publications on HCM, but do include key articles of interest to our community.   If you are a researcher, and wish to sumbit an article to be included on this page, you may email it to Support@4hcm.org and it will be reviewed.  

If you are comfortable with peer reviewed journal literature, this may prove interesting.

Click here to visit PubMed  - General search on HCM. 

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Term specific search for Cardiomyopathy, Hypertrophic, Familial

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Term specific search for Sudden Cardiac Death in Athletes

PubMed is a site managed by the National Institute of Health.  In most cases, you can review abstracts (limited data) for free. Some articles will be available for free downloads, others require a subscription or pay per download.

The HCMA will feature articles of interest on this site from time to time. Therefore, we encourage you to stop back frequently for late breaking information.


Note to patients: Please remember HCM is one disease state.  The location of hypertrophy i.e. apical or septal, is not your diagnosis, simply an explanation of where your heart has the appearance of hypertrophy.  So when searching published literature you may see general articles on HCM and no mention of specific areas of hypertophy.