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My HCM Experience - The Faces of HCM/Share Your Story

Who has HCM?   
Do those with HCM look different?
Can you KNOW who has HCM by looking at them?

The answer is simple - NO. 

Those with HCM are both genders, have every skin tone, live all over the world, have diverse occupations, live a variety of lifestyles, are every religion possible, are gay and straight. In short, we are EVERYONE.  Sharing images of those with HCM removes the sigma of diagnosis and life with HCM. It also gives the community a chance to memorialize those lost to HCM. 

We each have our own “story”. Many people living with HCM have never met or spoken to someone else also living with HCM. Here you can see some people just like you who have HCM. If you would like to share your HCM face or your story, please contact us.

If you wish to share your story with others, please email it to support@4hcm.org RE: MY STORY.

To submit an image to the Faces of HCM Campaign  Email: support@4hcm.org RE: Faces of HCM along with your image