HCM: the disease

This page will help you begin to learn about HCM starting with some common questions.  Please take some time to build your HCM knowledge and review these pages. While this website contains a great deal of information there is a book, written by Barry J. Maron, MD and Lisa Salberg, HCMA Founder,  that is available with HCMA membership that will be helpful to those diagnosed with HCM and those caregivers trying to understand HCM.

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Recommended reading:

What is HCM?
How common is HCM?
The heart in HCM.
History and other names. 
When does HCM develop?
How is HCM diagnosed?
What is obstruction in HCM?
What symptoms does HCM cause?
What are some of the treatments for HCM?
What complications can HCM cause?
Where can I find a doctor who specializes in HCM care?
Heart failure in HCM?
Is a cure available?

At any time should you have question please contact the HCMA office at 973-983-7429 or via email at support@4hcm.org and our staff will be happy to assist you.