Clinical Trials

This is an exciting and promising time for the HCM community. There are currently a large number of clinical trials with the goals of not only understanding HCM better but to finally develop new drugs, treatments and methods to help both treat and potentially minimize or erriticate HCM all together. Please take a moment to read about what a clinical trial is and why they are so critically important to understanding HCM. The list to the left includes current clinical trials that are available. We encourage you to review all of them to see which you or your family may qualify for. 

If you have any questions about the clinical trials noted here we encourage you to call the study coordinators and ask as many questions as you need to, there are NO silly questions and you should feel free to ask ALL questions until you are comfortable with your understanding. 

Should you have any questions about data on this page you can call the HCMA office, however please note we are not able to comment on detailed specifics on any given trial, that is best left to the study coordinators.