Friday, January 8, 2016

Section: Membership

Now Help Us Ensure HCMA's Long-Term Future

For the last 24 years, the HCMA has provided a high level of service, support and advocacy to its members and supporters. In order to further increase our strength, the Board of Directors created two new membership options: Individual Membership and Lifetime Membership. These two new membership options will help both the HCMA and our members as we work towards a common goal.
Individual Membership: Initial membership includes a copy of the book "A Guide to Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy" by Maron and Salberg, a planning call to review options (45 min), informational packet, access to peer to peer programs, follow-up phone call (15 min.) Initial Membership is $75 per year, and renewal is $60. 
You also have the option to add a three-year membership for $195 and a renewal option for $150.
*Renewal includes everything above, with the exception of the book.
Lifetime Membership: Lifetime members would also have greater access to communication with HCMA staff, including cell phone access and priority seating and access to HCMA educational symposiums meetings, unlimited webinar access and VIP access to faculty at all HCMA events. Lifetime memberships are $1,000.
At the HCMA, we realize that learning about HCM and the HCMA is a great deal to digest. Our primary objective at the HCMA is to provide support, advocacy and education to patients, their family members, the medical community and the public.  We offer newsletters, meetings and symposiums, doctor referrals, new/improved treatment data, a fundraising guide and, most of all, peer support to our members.  To become a member of the HCMA, please visit our website,, call the office, 973-983-7429, or return the enclosed pre-populated membership application, which details the two membership options available.
The HCMA will host regional meetings for our members and their families around the country in 2020-2021. Details and registration information will be available shortly.  These meeting allow you the opportunity to meet and speak with the top physicians and researchers in the field of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, as well as learn all the latest information on the treatment of the disease.  Our Events Page will also list any regional educational symposiums and support meetings that are being held.
The HCMA looks forward to being here for you and your family for many years to come.  Please feel free to contact the office to address any questions or concerns you may have, no question is silly or unnecessary. 
Lisa Salberg
CEO and Founder