A Message From Our CEO
Friday, January 8, 2016

Section: CEO Message

Welcome to the NEW HCMA website and membership management platform.   We have been working very hard over the last 6 months to create not only a beautiful, functional and intuitive website to help you understand HCM - we have built way more!   This new platform will give you more ways to get involved, get support, access advocacy and information.  You will be able to manage your HCMA membership, join committees, and communicate with others who are facing issues similar to your own.  You will also be able to access HCM specialists with a few clicks and much more in coming months.
Let me share a little history with you all.  As some of you may know the HCMA grew from a kitchen table start up 20 years ago to a much larger organization then I, the Founder, ever dreamed.   Growth is not always easy and as the saying goes, we have had our fair share of “growing pains”.   One of our most challenging tasks were to organize or many methods of tracking our contacts and members in a cost effective manner.  We have accomplished this task in our new system, which is one of a few steps the HCMA is taking to become even better equip to handle the needs of the HCM Community.
The new systems will take a little getting used to for all of us so please share your thoughts and comments freely!   Remember the HCMA is YOUR organization and we seek to make your engagement with us a positive and enjoyable experience – even if HCM itself is rarely either positive or enjoyable. 

Looking forward to great things ahead!!

Lisa Salberg
Founder and CEO