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angela woods
09-16-2004, 04:47 PM
I just started taking nitro for chest discomfort. I wasnt really aware

of what the risks of taking nitro. I was told to use it as a last resort for

pain and not to be alone when I take it. I am very new at this and Im

learning so much. There is so much to grasp on too. I do get temporary

relief when I do use it. Is there anything else that would help me just as

much and not be contraindicated with hcm?


Pam Alexson
09-16-2004, 05:45 PM
Angela hi ,

Yes as Lisa wrote in another post , NTG (nitro...) is usually contraindicated as it can and often does drop the Bp and HCM people already have that problem for various reasons pertinent to the disease , effects of meds , response to meds, response to exercise/stress etc. .

I can not remember if you saw a specialist or not. A specialist would best be able to evaluate you for this. Some of us do use nitro as we have a type of chest pain resulting from very small vessels. It is important to not overdo the use of nitro secondary to the adverse effects it can have on us. Following the guidelines set up by you and your doctor is important.

As far as anything else goes , most of us with chest pain, yes I am going to say it again Angela , :lol: who see a " specialist " , have had changes in our meds ,beta blockers and calcium channel blockers to try and dose the stubborn chest pain away. By this I mean changing the doseage by raising it, or subtracting a med or trying a different variety to help work this all too common difficulty out.

I hope this has helped answer your question.

angela woods
09-17-2004, 01:12 AM
I do see a specialist up in the san francisco area. Im assuming she is. I drive 4 hours once a month to see her at the stanford clinic. They referred my brother who lives in minnsota to doctor maron. I think thats his name my spelling may be a little off. I didnt mean to offend anyone by telling anyone on the message board I took nitro. I was simply sharing what has worked for me. I have called acouple times to speak to lisa but maybe our time differences dont jive. Im very greatful I have found this forum. Im still very fresh and not very educated on this whole hcm thing.

Burton Borrok
09-17-2004, 01:55 AM
Hi Angela,
Mind if I tip toe in for a moment? I’d like to address a few points if I may.

1. Lisa is usually in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays during normal business hours – Eastern Time. You can private message (PM) her and set-up an appointment, or do it through Kelly if you miss Lisa. (Well worth the call – Lisa knows it all. Hey – that rhymes.)
2. You can check your own blood pressure and see if it is low, normal or high. If you don’t have a meter yourself most drug stores – especially the ones in supermarkets do. If you’re low I would advise not using the nitro until you consult a specialist. If you’re normal or high, I would suggest taking a nitro, wait five to ten minutes and take your blood pressure again to see if it falls into the low range. Nitro is quick acting so you will have a good indication of exactly what is going on, and whether it is safe to use it in your particular case.
3. You say your brother is being seen by Dr. Maron at Mayo-Rochester. Dearheart, when it comes to HCM, that’s as good as it gets. He is in the best possible hands.

OK, I guess I’m through. Have a super special day on me.

Pam Alexson
09-17-2004, 07:47 AM
Please do not feel that you offended anyone, I assure you you did not. We are all different and have many variables as well as similarities with this disease.

Do try and reach Lisa it will be a good talk that you have and give that personal touch that is so hard to convey via a keyboard.

Best wishes. Pam

Lisa Salberg
09-17-2004, 07:59 AM
Caution needs to be taken with Nitro - we have had some people have REAL trouble with it - so it is a bit of a red flag to us.
there is a role for SOME people with HCM to take it - however it is very limited thus CAUTION is needed.

Some doctors who deal with heart failure for the most part and see HCM pts too often are a bit casual about using Nitro - talk to your doctor and ask more question.

No offence taken here - just caring that you understand all the risks and benefits associated with the meds.


09-20-2004, 11:54 AM
My primary cardiologist is cool with me using nitrolingual® spray PRN. By my own admission I am too conservative with using it.

I do get one heckuva headache after a couple of doses, but for those situations when then pain is very uncomfortable it generally works for me.

One word of caution is that if you do take nitro, take it sitting down and don't get up for 15-20 minutes.