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Share Your Story 2017

The Faces of HCM campaign continues!
The HCMA believes in raising awareness of HCM and encourages you and your families to share your stories and images to help build global awareness and understanding of HCM. 

In September 2017 we are begining a call for new images and short video clips to be used in upcoming awareness media. 
There are two themes we are currently seeking images for: 

1. "What about US?" these images include images of those lost to HCM (including headstones), pre-treatment images of you and your family dealing with the struggles related to HCM, physical, emotional, financial or other.
2. "Don't count me OUT" these images include your surgical journey images (Myectomy, ICD, transplant), visits to HCM COEs, and video clips of thanks to your doctors or others that have helped you in the HCM journey. 

How to participate: 
1. Complete this consent form.  No images can be used without consent form. 
2. Images must be in .jpeg format, and videos must be .mp4 and no longer than 10 seconds
3. Images and videos should be sent to support@4hcm.org 

You can also share your HCM story
1. Complete this consent form
2. Keep story to under 1000 words.  The HCMA may edit the document, use it in whole, or use it in part. 
3. Email your story in Word or as an email to Support@4hcm.org