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Board Members


L. Joshua Eikov

Board President and Member

The HCMA is important to me because it provides a central body of knowledge for patients, the medical community and the general community at large to become educated on an underdiagnosed and underserved major heart dysfunction. The work we do here can save hundreds, if not millions of lives through education, awareness and advocacy. 

Board Members:

Pam Cohen

Josh Eikov

Amit Kalia

Robert Lorfink

Martin Maron

Richard Melia

Lynn Perry

Adam Salberg

Member Board of Directors


The HCMA is important to me because it provides an information gateway for HCM patients, their families and loved ones providing education, support, advocacy, and community. The HCMA has helped thousands in need, and is poised to help many thousands more.

James Sheridan

Stephen Winters